High wearing comfort - casual chic look

G-maxx introduces Travelstof

What is travel fabric?

G-maxx is known for its fine fabrics, including the iconic travel quality, also known as travel fabric. Travel fabric has become popular in recent years due to its high wearing comfort with a casual chic appearance. Travelstof owes its name to the functionality for which it is intended: being comfortable on the road. Due to the addition of elastane in travel quality, the fabric has many advantages. Curious about these benefits? We list them for you.

Travel fabric is a trusted fabric at G-maxx and appears in every collection and in different thicknesses depending on the season. This makes this fabric an ideal basis for every season. Items made from travel fabric are released in each collection in different seasonal colors and unique prints.

Benefits of travel fabric

✔ Wonderful amount of stretch
With the large amount of elastane that travel fabric contains, the fabric has a lot of stretch, making the clothing adapt to the shape of your body and making movement a lot more comfortable. Because the fabric does not tighten around your curves, travel fabric feels like a second skin that you would rather not take off.

✔ The fabric that breathes
When you can move freely, it is also nice not to have to think about visible sweat stains. Travel fabric, which is also used in your favorite sportswear, is a breathable fabric that transports perspiration outside, making sweating and perspiration stains a thing of the past.

✔ Ironing? That is no longer necessary
How nice is it that a shirt made of travel fabric doesn't wrinkle if you've been sitting in the car all day or wearing a jacket! This way you always leave the house worry-free and you can always look good with travel fabric. After washing and drying travel fabric, ironing is virtually unnecessary and it is recommended to leave the iron in the cupboard. Would you rather just iron it over? Then iron without steam and no warmer than 110 degrees. Do you want to enjoy your garment for as long as possible? Always turn the garment inside out when ironing to keep the outside looking nice longer.

✔ Durable in use
In addition to its portable benefits, travel quality is also durable in use. The fabric is pilling-free, which means it remains beautiful for a particularly long time. Because travel fabric requires few washes and does not need to be ironed, the easy maintenance also ensures less energy consumption during the use phase of travel fabric items.

✔ Travel fabric is for everyone
Travelstof is suitable for everyone and is therefore fully in line with the values ​​of G-maxx. Due to the large proportion of stretch, the fabric adapts to the feminine silhouette and is therefore suitable for every figure type. Within the varied collections you will find a wide range of travel quality items, each with its own fit, prints translated by trends and fine basics with which timeless and elegant looks can be created. Travel fabric items return every season in various prints and colors that match the season. For example, in the spring you often see travel fabric items in pastel shades or bright prints, and in the fall we opt for a warm color palette with cozy prints.