Publications: G-maxx spotted!

Leyla cardigan , Haley top and Tiffany pants in Woman, spring 2022

Hilma sweater in Nouveau, autumn 2021

Claartje dress and Hermione cardigan in Vriendin, fall 2021

Henley jacket , Gilana pants and Eef top in Vivace, autumn 2021

Cobien skirt in Libelle, September 2021

Annelies jacket in Libelle, September 2021

Kristel sweater in Kek Mama, September 2021

Agatha top in Margriet, May 2021

Annelies jacket in Libelle, May 2021

Didi sweater and Angelique top in Margriet, May 2021

Agatha top in Vriendin, May 2021

Elsanne cardigan in Viva, April 2021

Elle's sweater in Margriet, March 2021

Desie blazer in Girlfriend, March 2021

Elsanne cardigan in Vriendin, March 2021

G-maxx sweater in Libelle, January 2021

G-maxx blouse in Libelle, July 2020

G-maxx jacket in Flair, September 2020

G-maxx jacket in Libelle, November 2020

G-maxx skirt in Libelle, October 2020

G-maxx blouse in Margiet, February 2020